A great chunk of Africa

“Mmmh” “Ohh” “So nice”

Abyssinian Maritime in Stone Town, Ethiopian Restaurant, might not be a Taste of Zanzibar- but a very nice chunk of Africa. We have been been here several times and can vouch for the wonders in the kitchen. There are some special ingredients in the Ethiopian kitchen you do not get elsewhere. And that Injera bread (fermented before baked out),  that comes like in a paper roll, is just so fun to eat.

Taste ZAnzibar at Ethopian Restaurant showing the combination meal

3 course combination
Abyssinian Maritim have a nice good-value-for-money combination with thre dishes for 2 pax- but enough for 3, for about 25 usd. We took that 3 course combination an added some vegetarian lentils as we were curious, hungry and greedy for nice food,  (they really know how to make wonders with the lentils). “Mmmh” “Ohh” “So nice” was the words being growled around the table. Especially we all favored the meat sauce that has a kind of licorice taste to it.

To finish of the dinner with Ethiopian coffee is a must. The combination of the world´s best coffee, popcorn and natural incense is addictive.




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