Exotic fruit tasting Zanzibar

 The exotic fruit on Zanzibar is second to no place in the world.  With a ubiquitous sun the fruit is bursting of flavors, ripe and sweet. If you are lucky enough to be on Zanzibar in fruit season you will come across a variation of mangos ( around 15 on the islands). Not to mention the pineapple– so intense in flavor it is bordering to coconut flavor.

Juice is the nr 1 drink for a Zanzibari. Always freshly made. Mango juice with a hint of ginger. Passion fruit juice packed with vitamins. Avocado juice with lime ( avocado is a fruit by the way). Add coconut milk and you get a Zanzibari Milkshake.

In this exotic fruit tasting Ahmed will pick out all that is available at the moment. Hopefully you will try fruit you have never tasted before. Depending on availability you will get to try various juice, maybe a sorbet, something with the coconut. Regardless what they has to offer it will be very tasty!

The tasting will take place in the lush “The Garden Café” in Jambiani.


Place: Jambiani
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 15 usd pp , min 2 pax

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Exotic Zanzibar fruit on a plate

Peeling of a Zanzibar coconut

Zanzibar juice and exotic fruit salad