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Coconut (Nasi)

Food, drink, roof, wall, ropes…
This (and the rice) is the most important food on Zanzibar. In every home and restaurant the coconut milk boils together with spices to yummie sauces. Well the coconut milk is actually done with the flesh blended with water and then filtered. When they drink it is the “dafuu”, the young coconut which has an almost tasteless water inside and jellylike flesh. It is known to clean your bladder and you can see it being sold everywhere on the streets in Stone Town.

Every part of the coconut palm can be used for food or raw materials. Zanzibaris use the coconut and its tree for roofs (stays up to 5 years), rope, furniture, baskets, carpets and lots of other things.

Impression & Feelings: For food, roof, walls, rope...

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