Cooking with Jambiani village

 At a Zanzibari celebration, wedding, Ramadhan, pilgrimage etc, the nr 1 festive dish above all is biryani. It is a slow cooked dish with lots of fried onion, tomato and spices with meat or chicken. It is served with rice of course, and most probably with the classic kachumbari salad.

On this event we cook together with the women and children as being done at special occasions. We can guarantee happy moments together with the friendly Zanzibaris and insight in the life in Jambiani.

I you want to try biryani in a restaurant, you can try the best local ones in Stone Town, Luukman´s and Passing Show.



Place: Jambiani
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 40 usd pp incl food and drinks

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Women cooking in Jambiani on a food travel Zanziba

Children in Jambiani chopping vegtables on a food travel zanzibar