Zanzibar banana variations

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Zanzibar banana variations

Everybody knows about bananas. But on Zanzibar a banana is not just a banana. On Zanzibar they can be green, red, short, long, small, chubby, thin, hard, soft. And they all have their various purposes. Our favourite is the yellow and smallest and of them all. Sweet-sour and with an evident taste. The red chubby fellow is another favourite.

A classic Zanzibar dish is “Ndizi na samaki” or “Ndizi na nyama” –  banana boiled in coconut milk with either meat or fish. And with ginger, garlic and other spices in there.

Also the like the very big yellow one for dessert. That they cook in coconut milk too but add sugar and cardamom.

Impression & Feelings: Comes in various colors, sizes and flavors

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